Zone Percentage Lowest Pulse
Moderate Activity 50-60%
Weight Control 60-70%
Aerobic 70-80%
Anaerobic 80-90%
Training 90-100%
Max Pulse 100%


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Heart rate training zones



Heart rate or pulse is the number of times your heart beats in one minute. The heart rate is the lowest when you’re resting, because the least amount of blood is needed for your body. A normal resting heart rate can be between 60 and 100 BPM (beats per minute) for most people typically 60-80 BPM. It is best to check your resting heart rate right after you wake up while you’re still lying down. Your resting heart rate will change with age, as the heart muscle gets weaker, but it is important to know your baseline heart rate.
Sudden changes of puls should be reported to the doctor since that can imply health problems.

Moderate Activity

This zone is reached by moderate activity like brisk walking
It is best for warm up and cool down intervals after harder workouts
This zone is good for people who are sick and are not supposed to force themselves or haven’t work out for a while.
Workout in this zone will increase your health, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
Workout in this zone will not make you fitter or stronger

Weight Control

This zone is reached by moderate activity like light jogging It increases cardiovascular health and overall muscle strength Calories burned in this zone are not high but most of the calories burned are from fat. This is why this zone is refereed to as the “fat burning zone”.
It is not the best zone for weight loss since calorie burn is small You can work out in this zone for longer periods of time since the intensity is moderate, what makes it good for weight maintenance-


- This zone is reached by running
Exercise in this zone will improve your functional capacity
The number and size of blood vessels will increase
Your lung capacity will increase
Your heart muscle will become stronger.
You will be able to preform longer and harder training with less fatigue
With this intensity it is possible to do long workouts without too much fatigue which is favorable for weight loss and maintenance.


This zone is reached by running fast
Exercise in this zone will make you stronger, faster and fitter
You are breathing heavy when working out and your heart can’t supply all the oxygen and blood your muscles need, making you feel exhaustion after some time.
Your muscles burn calories even after the work out
You can’t work out for long periods of time in this zone
This zone is best for weight loss. Everything from 75-85% of max HR is ideal if you are trying to lose weight because the most amount of calories will be burned in this zone and calories will be burned even after the workout.

> 90%

This zone uses your maximum capacity Working out in this zone hurts and can be done only for short amounts of time High performance athletes train in this zone for short bursts e.g. sprinting, swimming